Day 50: Stress makes me happy – The Single Woman’s Diary

Stress. I dunno why, I thrive under pressure. It makes me happy. The only thing annoying can be if things aren’t organised, but time and time again I love proving myself that I am a solid machine when on time pressure.

I read somewhere that if I am calm under pressure and high-stress situations make me happy and excited – it’s because “high-stress situations get the dopamine pumping in the brain, which is why adults with ADHD tend to make great firefighters and ER doctors, as well as brilliant stock-traders and entrepreneurs”; or in my case – a pretty decent corporate graphic designer. #humblebrag

Come to think of it, the only thing that ever stressed me were men in my life who couldn’t handle me working/studying and thriving. They wanted all my attention. Made time management hard. So, it is highly rewarding when work colleague says – “by far you are the only woman involved in this project” – rewarding cause it means I am making some difference, as a woman (particularly a coloured Swiss woman), in a man’s world – and I am dedicated to my work.

Thus, being single is great this way. No boyfriend or husband who’ll nag me to death, or give me grief when I get home after a completely exhausting but fruitful day. And for those who say – wouldn’t it be nice to come home to someone…. Yes, it would be – if I were a man. Anyway, I always talked to the wall even while in a relationship – so what’s the difference if I am alone or with someone? Men get love and affection and care and support – in any given heteronormative relationship. As a working woman (in a relationship) we barely get to lift our feet off the ground and chill. Same goes for working moms. Rarely you have a guy who chips in with chores when a child is born – so why bother being in a relationship to have a child? Might as well do it alone.

Sigh. Cynical I am.

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