Day 49: Chain of Small Choices – The Single Woman’s Diary

Here’s the thing, like no one likes hearing that Christianity is coming from a revolutionary thinker born into Judaism – who reached out to the poor, and the neglected – and stood up against class oppression. No one likes hearing that Buddhism is coming from a revolutionary thinker tired of caste system as well, – born into Hinduism, successfully spreading his words thanks to his upper caste birth as a Prince thus already with the privilege of network set in motion to seek him out. And even more so, no one wants to hear that the prophet Mohammed became successful in presenting his ideas to the word and selling his words of wisdom to a crowd cause he learnt entrepreneurship from a very successful businesswoman – aka his first wife Khadija. No one. No one wants to hear all that.

And with time we all have one lesson that they teach us. Let it go. Stop looking for it. Stop holding a grudge against it. Stop reminiscing it. Let it go. The idea of “non-attachment” is not belonging to any religion as much as it is an ancient practice. To become one with nature – realising one’s self as an expression of the entire cosmos and not just a singular event in life. This entertaining of time and space with a physical presence of our perishable selves – in a very real and observable way, means that we are just another grain of sand – nothing more. No separating non-attachment from religious practices these days. But here’s the truth, it is about living in such a way that you live without obstructions that keep you from realising your true potential.

Some think that the best way to achieve non-attachment, and so on, is through detachment from spouse or the concept of marriage. Which is actually not the point. Attachment and non-attachment aren’t about physical items, locations, and such, it’s about the ideas inhibit. It is about the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us. In my case it is mostly dealing with expectations versus reality. And reality is truly a chain of events – based on decisions and actions you take. Like a domino.

Yesterday a very wise man asked me – “if you could change one thing in your teen age, what would it be? And why?” I replied – “I would study harder, focus more on maths and science.” Chain of small choices that drive us through a path – eventually bringing us to the point in life we are with experiences we’ve made.

At that moment it hit like a bulldozer. My own reply to me. But this morning, I am still smiling about that reply. I am 2% wiser than when I woke up yesterday!

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