Day 48: Red Lipstick – The Single Woman’s Diary

Well, my date was late last evening and a guy came up and introduced himself saying “I am Kevin, you are beautiful, if he doesn’t show up, I’m seated there.”

I think I never blushed more profusely! Never thought red lipstick can do this. On my date’s arrival, as I sat inside the pub and he couldn’t find me, Kevin was adorable and kind enough to go up to him and direct him to me – “if you’re looking for a French lady, she’s seated inside!”

Absolutely no idea why he assumed I’m French… perhaps the red lipstick?

I was warned of the powers of a red lipstick, but it’s the first time I experienced it. Red lipstick is specifically associated with the Suffragettes movement. The bold and dauntless red was and still is considered feminine, yet daring and powerful. It became symbolic of strength during a time when men were trying to strip that away from women. In 2012, when I started a makeover group with a friend – in order to empower Bengali women through selfcare, – red lipstick (particularly MAC Red and Russian Red) remained the centre of our focus. Well, my focus mainly.

Red colour is unavoidable and potent; it’s also simultaneously unquestionably, unabashedly feminine and diplomatically feminist; for most men would readily overlook it as sexy rather than revolutionary. That makes it unlike pretty much every other cosmetic or garment as it embodies strength and womanliness in equal measures, while fighting for equality.

Perhaps this was the highlight from yesterday. Red lipstick and a lovely date, with a man a decade younger than I – and he remained polite, showed maturity and quite charmingly good looking. An evening where good conversations kept flowing. And now as I sip on my coffee, I’m looking forward to a productive day at work. Hopefully there’ll be sun.

Yesterday *filter on*

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