Day 46: The Single Woman’s Diary

Couldn’t go to brunch, I’m exhausted and feverish. So decided on a day in.

I keep wondering if the problem is the intensity of my love or the quality of people I’m loving? And then I just ate a hearty chickpea and double egg sunny side up – drunk mugs of coffee, and now complain that I’m too full while vegetating on my balcony bench, with a bloated belly and zero exercise!

Menstruation is annoying. Mood swings go full blown dark on me … and current punching bag thrown at me by circumstances are – every German man who comes to Switzerland thinking all Swiss must speak high-German. High-German. Now. Or nothing! Of course there are exceptions, yet the majority are just guests in a country they want to earn from, but not respect its culture.

Hey we have French, Italian, and Romansch equally as national languages. Well Romansch not really used, but rest aren’t 1st language/2nd language basis – rather a language based on state/canton and with equal priority. I keep telling these men to kindly be informed and not ask me where I’m from just ‘cause I’m a brown-Swiss not speaking high German. Next man asking me that question will seriously get a one-way ticket to a time machine taking him back to 1920’s Germany where he will know where who is from and which social strata they belong to – by the symbols on their vests!

Sigh! Annoying. Now I know why Forrest Gump ran. And why Lola ran. And why I – metaphorically – run away.

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