Day 44: Eight Months Ago – The Single Woman’s Diary

January 7th 2021, saw birth of a collective poetry written by two complete strangers, on Twitter. It seems so far now that I could barely remember it when I accidentally came across the tweet while scrolling – I paused and marvelled at the epiphany.


Where do the lines blur

Between want and need

Between you and me? (Turcenm)

Where are the lines drawn

Between love and fear

Between far and near? (DeBDubois)


Time feels like a spiderweb, any movement and it sends ripples of vibration. That poem reminded me of a different me, from a different space in time. One that hadn’t yet realised the fast and furious change she was about to go through. My friends keep saying – “he really did a number on you”. How I keep wondering – did he though? Was this not a lesson waiting in time for me to learn? If everything is connected, this was bound to happen. He was just a pawn in the grand scheme of… something?!?

Let’s call it parallels. Not sure how to explain this thought, but it seems to me that in-order-to learn something I had to go through a phase/set of tests – to understand my own growth. Growth and time stand parallel to emotions and experience. Innocence was long lost, only I needed to be self-aware of that loss. Blurred lines that define “want and need” while drawing lines that reflect “love and fear”. Love and fear as a mirror reflection of blurry definition separating want from need. That’s how I see it now.

I might have written that collective poetry half-consciously, but it took me 8 months to be full-conscious of what I truly meant.


[“I want you” can be easily said because it is for you to serve the pleasure of the person who wants you; “I need you” is not easily said because it is selfless and an acceptance of someone else’s importance and value beyond you. … Someone who wants you comes to take; someone who needs you comes to share.]

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