Day 43: News Reading – The Single Woman’s Diary

*If my blog were to be morning news, how would it sound this morning?*



Good morning, I am Anthropology-Of-Love, welcome to “The Single Woman’s Diary” bringing you the eye on Dee’s news for Thursday, 5 August 2021.

Massive withdrawal tiredness from antibiotics taken for 4-5 weeks. Medics suggest vitamins.

4 months till December! Will Santa Baby have a new voice this year, or will there be a deconstructed version of the song?

New strand of Corona virus from South America said to be immune to our vaccines; threat our existence.

Experts struggle to understand how women with fake laughter can finally find husbands.

• A sexy mid-30’s woman caught on camera flipping a coin – to buy or not to buy 12 cats!

• Daily affirmation: I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me. More on this follows.

• Finally, a woman flying a Nimbus 2000 spotted over Munsterplatz Basel? Baffling! Are we not alone on this planet?

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