Day 38: Doubts and Uncertainties – The Single Woman’s Diary

Three days of holidays, and 3 very relaxed evenings. New outcome.

I went from “made coffee for two and drank both”; to – “made dinner for two and asked him to eat the portion I couldn’t finish”. No. I’m still single. This is still a “Single Women’s Diary”. But, to be honest, I’m casually dating a certain sweet human.

We kissed after our third date (I owe T a bottle of good whiskey) and surprisingly him and I have much to talk about. But everytime he asked me on our first date – “why are you still single, you are attractive, educated, and creative, didn’t anyone want to swoop you away?” (Paraphrased). Sorry but I have to laugh, when I hear that from a date – it’s just such a clear indication that it’s casual. It’s like hearing “I am jealous of the man who will marry you” from your boyfriend! You know you’ve been dumped there and then.

So I keep thinking to myself – “Honey, I’m overqualified”! Cause guy logic, you know, if a woman is smart or kind or intelligent or has a great temperament, – men run the other way to date someone else. *Sigh! I’m typing this on the couch as he naps clutching my hand to his chest.*

No. This time I’m being careful about any sign of love-bombing, manipulation or toxicity. Keeping a good distance and not expecting anything. Most importantly, knowing that I go to sleep and wake up with a smile without expecting anyone’s text. It’s a wonderful feeling that I refuse to let go.

Of course, if I promised I’ll write, I keep my promise. Honour and courage – that’s what makes a person.

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