35: Deeds not words – The Single Woman’s Diary

A woman once took three days off-days from work. When she came to her hairdresser for a trim on the first day of holiday, she had wonderful tales to tell of things she had done during her youth in foreign lands.

Amongst many things she talked about the man she met in Sydney and they were so in love that they got married. A decade later it ended as he found pleasure in many else; but the adventure left her tired and wounded. Then she met a man who promised her the world – and delivered nothing but words. Now she’s single. So she said, “Just imagine, men are all the same. Not a single good man left!”

And then it happened.

An official looking woman with flowers entered – “flowers for Rachel” she called, and a happy young woman received a delivery from her boyfriend. One she has been with since a decade.

The woman on her holidays beamed and thought: “Deeds not words show us love”. So there’s still hope.

With permission from Rachel. The happy girlfriend.

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