Day 28: Brainfried – The Single Woman’s Diary

I feel bloated this morning. And a bit annoyed to be honest. I have hit a creative block and my literature review is due this Sunday. And seriously no more patience or fucks to give, thus actually depleting my fuck-ration! Also, honestly confused by those who don’t want to get a COVID certificate. Not getting vaccine for personal/individual reasons is one thing (and I totally respect that) but not getting tested (to be sure of being safe for others) – is, in very way, a selfish, careless, irresponsible, and self-centred move. But then again, I am beginning to see how important it is to be selfish these days. Selflessness is only awarded through betrayal and bullshit. Honestly with dishonesty. Eg: Some would rather make-out with a rando behind their longterm partners back than have courage and decency to break-up with the said partner first. Reason for not doing so? Just because they can.

Not everyone has their heart in the right place. These things can’t be forced. Best is to observe, and just live and let live: not my circus, not my monkeys.


As for me, I am just

a brainfried single woman,

overwhelmed by idiocy and

childishness of some “adults” –

disgusted by hypocrisy,

baffled by general lack of logic,

and of decency.

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