Day 23: The Single Woman’s Diary

While I happily gave up on being normal, I have passed on my stubborn mule torch to my closest and youngest friends:

If I wanna drink beer and make out with people… Well. Then I better be able to still get my shit done the next day.” So another single woman woke up at a no-strings-attached man’s home, as her alarm went off at 5:30 in the morning and she made her way to the law firm.

I keep telling my friends that I feel foggy because of my medication. Stringing two coherent thoughts together is so hard with 4 grams of antibiotics per day – that I am beginning to think I have officially gone bat-shit-crazy or early onset of dementia! They say fighting cancer is hard, but to be honest – it is equally hard to fight cancer causing stomach bacteria. You never know when it goes belly up and you are on chemo next. Needs discipline and diligence. Perhaps that’s why, as I am strict with myself, I am beginning to be strict with everything else. Maybe a reason why, seeing a young woman be responsible – makes me admire her immensely.

Feminism is not about showing that women are strong – I read. It is about changing the way that strength is perceived by others. There’s so much truth in that; seeing a woman walking shoulder to shoulder with men (who often get things handed down to them easily in Switzerland: ‘cause man, family, breadwinner, etc.) is such a pleasure to behold. Even if she doesn’t call herself a feminist, even that is a choice that she has made and having the power to assert her choice and her individuality is what makes single young women (particularly single young and disillusioned women) a force of nature. Cause we have nothing to lose.

As for love, we choose us. However, love comes in many forms and as friends we did think of chipping-in to buy a huge villa by the Zurich Lake, have artificial insemination or adopt kids, and bring-up our kids in that villa. Perhaps RESTLE and ADM can help us bring our vision to life? We even designated floors to eachother – as all of us ol’gals will live happily till ripe old age and enjoy sitting on our chair and shaking our fists at young strangers and talking about – “when we were young….”, “the evil old days…”! I did add a pipe and some tobacco to that scene, Joy added home brewed beer, Laveri added cat nets (of course, kids and cats might climb), Monty added laughter, and whiskey is a given factor.

Our future is set!

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