Day 19: Trains – The Single Woman’s Diary

Me: My train schedule is all messed up.

Daniel: I don’t have my preferred train schedule this summer. They are doing repairs. Now I have to adjust my alarms.

Me: This is the most Swiss conversation I’ve had in the morning.

Daniel: #FirstWorldProblem

Having a best-friend as a roomie can be as good as it is bad. We disagree on a bunch of things but agree on a bunch as well. And knowing not to take anything personally is always a good practice.

And so my day begins. My sleep schedule is completely out of order, and all of a sudden I am motivated to actually try and speak German with my horrid grammatical mistakes. Now, while at it – if I turn into a zombie kindly use the crowbar framed and hanging from my bedroom wall, marked “Incase of headcrab infestation”. Also remember not to get too cocky while doing so – it might just work on its own to split you in half. Pure gore.

A nice and slow, fresh Swiss-summer morning. The kind I like.

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