Day 16: The Single Woman’s Diary

Oh the back of my neck feels so smooth – I can’t stop touching it. Thank God for unisex barbershops! Let’s not start the politically correct or not debate… by far my stance has been established through my writing. Some call me feminist and some toxic and some a rabid matriarch – and I call out those whispers and say why not add some more spice to it and let it fly! I am truly fascinated by the rumours I hear. The more I hear them, the more I get to learn new things about me, that I didn’t even know I did or said or had. But people seem to know more.

And since people know more they denote character traits to me. For instance, I have always been told that I’m an overachiever, even when sick, I am someone who’d rather spend my weekends studying or working or meeting association friends than sit around and watch TV. Hell, I don’t even own a TV in my apartment. When needed, I do “Netflix and chill”. But mostly, just work and chill. Becoming a hag, ain’t I? But recently I’m told that my weekends consists of doing nothing, cause “oh but she’s single, what does she even do in her free time?” I’ll tell you what I do – make sure you meet a friend of mine and start a relationship together and then go around telling people how evil I am. Seriously… so evil, I’m beginning to wonder if I will decimate into a pile of dust when I enter church grounds.

Time flies. What started as a promise to myself, to heal – to do anything needed to heal… is now a practice I enjoy thoroughly. No one in their sane mind would judge a healing person, but some still do. And now I have a summer of bucket list tasks (before who knows what happens to me). That kind of thought just does cross one’s mind when they are prone to spend a sunny Friday between work and hospital, finally looking like a tired sunken-eyed dry Olive wanting to marinate in some peace and quiet.

Recently someone asked me why I am single cause “plenty of fish in the sea, surely someone is made for you”. I couldn’t just tell this person that though there are plenty of fish in the sea, I just suck at fishing! And now I’m truly hooked to that idea of peace and quiet lately. Men have it figured. Peace and quiet. If not then which man would want a relationship? Cause truth be told, even men can’t give peace and quiet but they demand peace and quite. And now that I want peace and quiet – fuck this system. I’m out.

One thought on “Day 16: The Single Woman’s Diary

  1. “Seriously… so evil, I’m beginning to wonder if I will decimate into a pile of dust when I enter church grounds.”

    I spilled my coffee when I read that… (taking a sip and similarly snorting with laughter…. 😂)

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