Day 15: The Single Woman’s Diary

I never thought I’d say this… but a week of no makeup is actually doing good to my skin! And hanging out with people I adore does it even better.

No, seriously though, usually I get breakouts right before my periods but this time I just had a coldsore and one huge zit a week before.

Menstruation. Another thing that constitutes the notion of “child-bearing machine”, that our dearest South Asian families (particularly mommy-dearest) look forward to celebrate. To be honest, I always wanted to have a child of my own. Always. Still do. But as I grow older and inherently want to avoid relationship-drama, I’m beginning to give up on that. Not that I can’t get AI, just that somehow it is hard for me to imagine a child without both parents. Here’s the thing though…. I never truly dated thinking it’s just for fun or it’s just temporary, though I learnt that I am a rare entity – a relic from yesteryears. But… big but! I’m beginning to see why so many people want to remain single and childless.

The drama of being with a person!

I asked my friends last weekend, “what do men truly want in a relationship”? And the answer that came back to me through and through was this: “peace and quiet”. And the thought that kept occurring to me every time I heard that answer: “then why be in a relationship?”

The other day a very kind aesthetic-specialist asked me: “are you taken or happy?”

Without a second thought I uttered: “happy”.

And I can’t help but be baffled by my own spontaneous and immediate reply (there wasn’t a moment of hesitation when I said) – “happy”. Because I’m not taken. A permanent state of “peace and quiet”. Or does happy mean something else? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Meanwhile, not drinking beer or alcohol is actually making my liver, stomach and skin happy too. I’m beginning to realise that I am genuinely so neurotic that I don’t need alcohol (nor men) to actually have fun. I am in a permanent state of drunkenness (and distress), so I can talk nonsensically with my besties cause that’s just vibe! It just comes naturally. That’s cause: good company. Shouldn’t that be it? Happiness, peace and quiet – basically the blessing that comes with good company?

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