Day 13: tah-tah dowgs! – The Single Woman’s Diary

Seriously, I don’t get Poochie! What the fuck is she excited about at 5 in the morning? She ran around the whole apartment, dragging her Minion soft-toy all over the place, and then came to wake me up with soft barks and whole lot of pawing! Ok it’s cute but sometimes I’m just grouchy and it should be ok to be grouchy! Uff my exhaustion this morning! I can’t decide if I need cuddles, a crate of Red Bulls, ten double espressos, or just a few days of sleep. I’m so exhausted that my exhaustion is exhausted and now I am positively bored of my exhausted exhaustion.

Also, “Joung Gustav”! Dude reminds me of the store sales person of “Scotch and Soda” and I am beginning to think that it truly is him working there – and may be that’s his actual day job. I mean… why not? Our Swiss celebrities are far more normal than celebrities else where. And why would I not think our Jan-Gusti isn’t Gerard from clothing store? Not that I don’t trust him being a videographer, but… Seriously. “Scotch and Soda” dude does look like him! I think it’s that ruddy moustache and beard that all men are keeping these days… and I am explicitly fond of clean-shaved men, ‘cause I have super sensitive skin – beard and moustache causes cuts and bruises and pimples – while kissing!

Also, I ditched a date last night ‘cause he asked me out after two weeks of pin-drop silence. Sorry dude. We are not in the Middle Ages. If you think, at any point of time, that I will await your snail-mail that comes with that postman – once every 6 months, – spend my days pining over your sorry-ass thinking “oh when will I see him again?”, or, plucking rose petals going “he loves me, he loves me not” – you are sooooooo wroooooooong! Those days of “female” occupation of love – are gone. Just as gentlemen and good manners are gone.

You are well connected (or so I hope, since you can afford a smart phone and have a job that pays you enough to look dapper fancy all the time) – but I refuse to stand around like a wall-flower. My days on earth are probably numbered (like any mortal) and I’m not wasting in dillydallying around flukes and snowflakes!

Like I offhandedly commented when Oiseau asked: “Didn’t go?

Me: Nope. Texted him “let’s meet some other day”… he texted back “why?” And I just left it to that. Can’t bother. They meet once and remain silent over 2 weeks and expect women to be at beck-and-call… Not I. Period.

Oiseau: So right!! Well Done! I totally support you!

Me: Thank you. Men are fascinating creatures. So mysterious!

Oiseau: Hahaha yes!!! They are so mysterious that they do not even understand themselves!


Also, I’m beginning to see that the more I care about someone, the more sure I am that they’re going to get tired of me, find a better option, and take off. So I am closing up. Fascinating how our minds work. It goes from all in to all out. I’m currently moving in the permanent direction of: all out. Honestly, my care is minimal unless you show me your intent. If you have patience, I have virtue – so let’s get a relationship moving. If not, – tah-tah dowgs!

In the meantime, I am honestly grateful for my friends. Even when I am snappy, they are there for me. And The Doors. The Doors, for keeping me company when I straight up refuse to go out and meet another cocky idiot for small talks and bad cocktails.

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