Day 7: Rare – The Single Woman’s Diary

I have to admit, I am slightly jealous of Daniel. He has found someone with the exact same humour as him. That is rare. We all stumble through life but only in rare occasions do we come across people with whom we share similar tastes, humour… their goals and visions can be different – ‘cause finding any common ground is a boon in a developing relationship.

As his best-friend I keep my nose out of their couple’s business and let them figure out their middle ground. I just hope he doesn’t mess up and neither does she.

That apart, my date last night went well. My shoe broke it’s heel so I had to emergency buy a new pair. Unfortunately I had to write to my ex-bf as well. No. This wasn’t any love hankering, reminiscent, bullshit. This was a duty. And quite an annoying duty too. I don’t care if he reads it or not, I have done my part, I’m not willing to engage any further than that. Why? You read and decide if this was a necessary thing to do or not:

Hi. Kindly get your endoscopy and colonoscopy done ’cause I have been diagnosed with Helicobacter Pylori… which no one in my family has and this was a surprise for all. But you have colon/stomach cancer history in your family and Pylori is highly contagious. H. pylori infection can be spread through kissing, oral sex, and contaminated food or drinking water. So kindly get it checked. Sorry for contacting you, but thought this information might be vital. Best, D

So here I am, sipping on my coffee. Grateful for a lovely evening spent yesterday, and that I am alive and my treatment works, and I have a job, health insurance, roof over my head and everything that a person needs. Today I am grateful for everything I have.

Although there are a few things I am not grateful for, like… fuck pimples!

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