Day 37: The Bike Analogy – The Breakup

Woke up remembering a valid lesson that my dad taught me, in-order-to be aware that the past is in the past. To do so, one must let all past emotions leave one’s mind and be ready to move on for a new experience, cause “you can’t ride a motorcycle while keeping your eye constantly on the rearview and sideview mirrors. That’s not a way to go forward.”

This analogy is a potent sample of what going forward truly means, – particularly in a language that I understand. Of course it is necessary to look back, from time to time, to make sure there’s no potential accident happening – but there’s no point to keep staring at it. That time spent is not going to rewind itself. That path traveled is not going to be there in the future while going forward. The choice is to move on.

And thus my breakup diary stops on Day 37. Tomorrow shall be a new chapter. A new diary.


Just so you remember, I once loved someone so much that I tried fixing him while he was breaking me.



The End.

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