Day 36: The Breakup

Every photographer knows that a cloudy grey day provides the best light. But did everyone experience waking up to a grey morning where the neighbour is playing her clavier and birds chirping to soft drizzle?

I start taking my meds for the Helicobacter pylori bacteria that was found in my stomach. A grey day would suit this situation but to be honest, I’ve never really felt joylessness due to cold, and cloudy days like today. I feel in sync. My mood is oddly reflected by nature in harmony, reflecting my soul.

And somehow what I dreamt-of was well forgotten.

Also, just saying… there’s a price to pay for being a Disney Princess, deciding to walk to the trainstation on a lovely weather designed for not sweating and being fabulous! To make that stupid decision of walking rather than taking my bicycle, equals: I MISS MY TRAIN!!!!!!! Sigh. How I get enticed by possibilities. Time to stop seeing potential unless the potential is purposefully displayed to catch my attention.

Update: Also, perfect day to listen to Vanessa Paradis, Bananarama, Kim Wilde, F.R.David, Gazebo, Stéphanie de Monaco… while working!

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