Day 35 – aliens can take me NOW! – The Breakup

Yesterday’s bicycle ride and today’s anal probing!

Like all that I talk about when on a long bike ride is how our “vagingin” falls asleep after-a-while and I keep wondering how men do it? They have a pair of balls and balls are pretty sensitive – not like vaginas that can survive a pounding! The secret I found (out from J): Perineum. Or the cute-sy term for it “nifkin”. They ride on that! It took me 36-years of life to marvel at the revealing of that secret on the 1st of May!

Now. Colonoscopy. Or anal probing. What can I say? Particularly if the doctor is hot – and all you can/are thinking about is this: “once under sedation, I will literally shit myself on him. How rude! I’m ready for the aliens to take me! Take me now.

What a day! And the worst part of it isn’t the anal probing and the pipe down my throat (*endoscopy* I dub thee: deep throating), as I was starving (since no food or water for a long time was allowed in my body) and wanted a Gorgonzola pizza (only pizza I love), Giggles (who came to pick my sedated-royal-bootie from the Kantonsspital Aarau even after spending an entire Saturday with me biking and complaining about dead-vagingins), we went to the old town to my go-to Gorgi-pizza place; and lo! Behold! There were cute guys! I felt naked without any makeup on and like a haggard with my hair messy undone.

I felt naked. I! Without makeup on. I. The one who took pride in walking around Paris during Fashion Week, with unshaved legs and rasta hair… damn I’ve changed! I am officially – That Girl.

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