Day 34: Kintsugi, broken but beautiful – The Breakup

There’s one thing I realised lately, that my worthiness does not depend on validation from anyone but myself. Particularly those who take pleasure in seeing me in harm. I am worthy, loving, and an amazing person to those who know me. Of course I’ve been broken into pieces and there are pieces of me scattered all over the place – I’m still collecting them snd putting myself together, much like Kintsugi.

My breakage and conscious repair is part of my lived history and of my experiences, rather than something to disguise, I choose to display at its full glory – it is something that makes me complete. And understanding this, while embracing my flawed imperfects, highlighting my self-repair (and the efforts my closest and dearest friends put in, to mend me and resurrect me) encompasses the concepts of acceptance of change, and fate as aspects of life, and it falls right into the realm of love, kindness, knowledge and awareness.

I always liked this Sanskrit verse from the vedas that when roughly translated means “align knowledge with self-awareness to attain inner peace, and so you shall smile”.

Basically calling out for aequanimity during struggle, change, pain – pointing out to eventual repair that can only be done through self healing and self awareness. Just like the art of kintsukuroi, I too can have my breakage highlighted with gold, silver and platinum, based on the value I put on myself and the breakage. Embracing my flaws and imperfections to create something even stronger than before.

Imagine the broken but beautiful mosaic that my soul truly is.

Imagine, all of you broken people – putting in effort to repair yourselves, – how beautiful you truly are.





** Remember how I used to be subconsciously attracted to indecisive pushmi-pullyu” type? That’s gone now. I find people who know what they want, know what they are fighting for, far more attractive than those who don’t. This is a repair that has truly changed me. **

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