Day 31: Shorts day – The Breakup

It’s too hot. I don’t fare well in warm. Unless it’s non-humid. So it’s back to airy thin denim shorts and summer classic-Armani T’s.

I have a thing for fancy lingerie – so today is my Easter yellow with silver flowers day. A bit of sunshine inside as much as a lot of sunshine outside. Navy blues on the outside, yellow and silver inside, mauve mask and bag, – with a touch of sparkly black doc martens open toe, black Tommy aviators… I am the Queen! Such a pleasure dressing up.

Though, I always wonder why people think women dress up for men. Cause to be honest, we don’t. At least I don’t. Haven’t come across one man who could properly appreciate what I wore – women, on the other hand, we see it. We appreciate it.

So there it is…. Sunny summer day, and I’m in shorts. Might have a lunch date this noon – I might cancel it…, men! Who cares if it doesn’t happen? I’ll take me out for lunch. I’ll date me.

**Date went well. Fascinating person he truly is.**

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