Day 29: Summer & Vaccine – The Breakup

Yesterday I had my first COVID vaccine (Moderna). No pain, nothing. This morning I wake up to an arm I can barely lift. It ain’t painful but it is disagreeable.

The fact that it is summer-dress-time of the year again, is making me pretty happy! Friends are sending funny relationship memes – yesterday Woozle sent one that said “my ex was not attractive enough to do what he did to me”. I think I sneakered at Coopers Pub when I read that.

Was fun seeing Fibo, Scimi, and Takeshi last night. Like, who needs horror films if you have “serial killer” themed quiz night? Got to learn that Ted Bundy was a dashing/charming young man, – didn’t stop him from murdering, did it? (Note you all, who truly think – “oh he’s so nice he can’t be toxic or murderous” – naaahaaa! Crazy-murderous can be very charming and young!) “You” – the Netflix series that I couldn’t watch more than two episodes, came up – and by the end of the night I had chills down my spine. Now I’m even more scared to date!

I should get dressed and go to work. But also… feel like a hike up to Aletsch. Sigh. Summer.

3 thoughts on “Day 29: Summer & Vaccine – The Breakup

  1. Congrats on finally getting vaccinated.

    It’s the nice/beautiful/perfect/fun/charismatic/clever people that are usually the most dangerous.

    Not the weird / akward / unlucky kind.


    1. Actually most charismatic people are awkward in some way or the other – have you heard of “pick up artists”? Very charismatic people – but awkward, weird, unlucky, mostly not good looking at all, but have learnt to socially manipulate.


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