Day 27 (Part 2): Bike Ride – The Breakup

Today was magical.

Tasha had to cancel our evening as her vaccine is acting up. I was a bit sad as I sat around feeling disappointed that our plans got cancelled due to COVID again. If not the flu then the vaccine!

Then it happened. T texted me saying he might consider a bike ride. I had no idea he has a bike. I always thought of him as this calm, reserved and quiet human. Not the biker-type, let alone real biker! I almost chocked on my cola when I read his message. My brain literally went – mush.

I asked if I can come along, cause bike! I love bikes! So, T rode to my home to pick me up and he took me out on a bike-ride. We’ve known each-other since a year. Been passive friends and just texted to say “hi, how are you” once in a while. When I started with J, he had asked if I am taken or not, I guess it was triggered by Insta-posts that J often put out at the beginning of our “relationship” – and my answer was, of course: yes.

Funny how things turned. As we rode to a cute little restaurant, we chatted about what happened and it was like picking up exactly where we had left – a year ago. Nothing changed. Just that T is not quiet and reserved! Hell no! But is chatty and funny! I didn’t see that coming! I’m all smiles.

There’s one thing about me – motorcycles and I are literally soul and body. When I was a kid, and I’d be a bit sad – my dad would take me out for a bike ride. He always had the latest Royal Enfield. A hobby you may say. I was barely eight, right before my birthday, it was the first time that he let me take control of his latest Royal Enfield Bullet – as he sat behind. I grew up, but bikes remained in my soul. I would ride alone to clear my mind and feel happy: Yamaha RX100. Last time in Kolkata I drove around in a car cause of COVID. But motor bikes are my first love.

Today was really exceptional for that reason, as it was my first bike ride in Switzerland. A Triumph (triple-engine Roadster) I think. I felt alive. I felt energised. I felt comfortable. All of a sudden, all uncertainties disappeared. I was a kid again.

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