Day 19: Love

After a long day at work,

I want to come home to flowers,

a little message, stuck on my book

on the table, bedside:

“laundry done, I’ll pick up our child,

looking forward to movies tonight”.

When he sees my first wrinkle,

he’ll say – “honey, you’re like a

fine whiskey, turning better,

stronger, as you age”.

I have seen my parents

turn arranged marriage into

a love story.

When things aren’t right,

a fake apology – after their fight,

a kiss on the forehead,

a hug, so tight –

watching a movie

pretending not to notice

as I’ve sneaked past

to the kitchen

in the middle of the night.

For the love they feel

for eachother –

the togetherness they share,

as they stand up and fight,

no matter who or what they fear.

When I look back I’ve realised,

I dream of a man –

who’s standing up for me,

nurturing our love patiently.

Helps me put on my jacket,

holds the door as I am about to open it,

chivalry doesn’t need no gender –

but character defines the human

to who I wouldn’t mind surrender.

To this dream I will add more,

building a future isn’t fast but slow,

like dancing slowly to love songs,

or simply to our heartbeats in the middle

of our room, or even a dance floor.

I have some dreams and wishes,

growing old with someone who

loves me like –

my parents love eachother,

even when they fight!

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