Day 12: Work-Study-Shoot-Sleep… The Breakup

Oh! Forgot “Eat”. Again. Cause I forgot to eat. Yesterday!

My diehard method of how to get over someone is simple – multitask. Jump right into work and do not get out of that space.

This week I was getting a bit restless as work was a bit slow, and rendering means heaps of unnecessary waiting time. So I used that in-between work time to do more work (checking previous work for mistakes) or to study. My method is simple but potent. Multitasking not only keeps my busy mind from focusing on the wrong things – namely, J – but also helps me finish more tasks and keep physically busy. I could even sneak in a 300m shooting practice but, there’s always a but, and a singular glitch – I forget to eat.

So my breakfast/lunch/dinner was a Doner Box with salad instead of fries at 11pm.

Which was fine cause I could call my bestfriend Monty, living on the other side of the town, and just hangout a bit at around midnight and eat at Stein Grill.

This time I did something I would never do.

At Stein Grill (if you are from Aarau, or well integrated in Aarau, you would know that) there is a very potent sauce that is known for its spiciness. What I chose for my Doner was this special spicy hausgemacht sauce. Now, those who know me well, often make fun of my Bengali-Indian heritage vs. hyper intolerance towards hot-spice. Garlic, ginger, mustard are all welcome but then if you put some actual red/green chilly in that mix, I am positively crying in pain, and drinking milk all night.

Anyhow, I mixed this into my Doner Box. It was painful, it burnt, I was close to tears, my nose was watering, Monty noted – “your eyes are getting glassy”. Then I said – “no. This doesn’t hurt as much as last week did”. And I “mind over matter”-ed my Doner Box pain. And in the process, the pain I felt last week when J dumped me.

This morning was even better, woke up to chirping birds outside my window and my Poochie standing on her hind legs pawing me to wake up and take her out for her “dog minutes”. After I came back, I pooped fire, but then I said to myself – “Doesn’t hurt as much as last week did”.


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