Day 8 (Part 2): Telling Papa – The BreakUp

Let’s just make one thing clear, my dad doesn’t talk much but sometimes he surprises me. So telling my dad about this breakup went like this.

Dad *laughing loudly*: The one who kept calling you for 3 whole months? All the time? Even when we were at family gatherings or driving outside? The grey haired old man? Stayed on video all day, all night? Snoring and falling asleep over the phone? The one you stood up for and asked us to accept? Exchanged photos with us?

Me: Yes.

Dad: He dumped you?

Me: Yes.

Dad: Because of his friend? – The short bald one?

Me: Yes.

Dad *laughs loudly* : Betua, this world is a selfish place. People only think of themselves. Right now you are thinking of yourself. Good. You should. And… He is thinking of himself. That’s it. Next time. Be careful. Go for a selfless, capable and strong person. I’m sending thoughts and prayers his way.

Me *giggling about “thoughts and prayers” comment*: No next time. I’m done.

Dad: Or marry who your mother picks for you. *laughs even louder*

Me: I’m yet to be admitted in an asylum…. when I am finally the star of the psychiatric ward – I’ll marry whoever my mother picks for me.

Dad *laughs loudly*: Don’t lose your heart, stay strong. Focus on your work, studies, friends – in one year you’ll look back and say the same thing you said about Stéphane – what the hell was I thinking?

Me *nagging*: You don’t get it… This time was different.

Dad: Yes. Cause you are older. It hits differently. So don’t lose your heart. By the way, want to talk to your mother?

Me *panicking*: No. No. I’m good. I’ll talk to her next time.

Dad *laughs even louder*: Bye. Take care, and good luck.

Me: Thanks Papa. Love You!

One thought on “Day 8 (Part 2): Telling Papa – The BreakUp

  1. Father’s and their never ending cheerleading for their daughters ❤️ all my biggest hugs and love for you. While reading your previous blogposts, I was absolutely enraged at his lame reason and the bullying you went through ! on top of that having a nerve to call you a radical! While I was really angry , I also loved and still loving the healing process you’re letting yourself go through Deb ! ❤️ It might sound clichéd but honestly Deb , this too shall pass.

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