Thir-t-eenager: The BreakUp

Me: Why does it hurt so much?

Daniel: Cause you thought in Joël you found someone just like you.

Me: This hurts. It hurts differently.

Daniel: It went from a high level of care to nothing… so it hurts. This says more about Stéphane though, you went through a divorce with Stéphane without breaking down this much. Also you gradually grew out of your marriage because of the dick he was.. you kinda gave up. But of course, Joël is a different ball game…

Me: This hurts differently. And bad.

Daniel: It’s fresh. Look… When I broke up with my Korean ex-GF it took me a year to get over her. Went from high level of care, when I thought we were cool – to nothing… it went *puff*. So it will hurt. But it will be alright. Not tomorrow, not next week, not the week or month after… maybe a year… but it will get better.

Me: Am I insensitive? I didn’t feel anything like this when I got divorced. But this… hurts so much. I can’t breathe and I feel numb.

Daniel (after a moment of silently staring at my tear smeared face): Wow… Congratulations! You are having what most of us had at teenage – a real heartbreak. At the age of 30something I think you just had your first heartbreak. You’re a thir-t-eenager!

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