She sits around weaving garlands

of marigold.

A Santhal girl, married young, 

supporting her family, 

selling marigold garlands. 

“It isn’t sad” she reckons,

“when quarantine started 

I felt the day was so long. 

But since semi-quarantine 

I like it more and more 

being indoors or here 

just slowly weaving garlands, 

garlands of marigold.

And as I think 

I shall open my own 

flower shop – big one – 

one day. I feel quite happy 

thinking about that 

and don’t mind being quiet 

and alone in my corner – 

left with my thoughts.

I listen to radio and wonder 

if I shall have these people 

on radio, come to buy 

flowers from me? 

I keep wondering who 

and what’ll be in the future 

in my own big flower shop?”

To her I could only smile and say –

“Even if they never came, 

wouldn’t it be grand to 

have your name on your own shop?”

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