Society telling women what to do – no more!

Guest Post by Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh

Society has defined a path for all of us. Women are supposed to do certain things by a certain time and in a certain way. At first, I thought India was the only country guilty of such patriarchy but I was wrong. Most societies have a set of rules for us. These rules say we should keep an eye out for an eligible bachelor at all times. These rules state that we should marry that eligible bachelor in our twenties and then take good care of his house and health and sexual needs. And then, strangers will come and ask you where the babies are – you know, we’re supposed to have two at a perfect gap so that we can splash those family photos everywhere. 

I’m a rebel. The black sheep of my family. Well into my thirties. Single and not willing to mingle. Happier with my rescue cats than any man has ever made me. Guess what? There are many more of us in India now. Most of my friends included. The older generation calls us hard to please. They say we are unwilling to adjust. But the truth is, we have allowed ourselves to find happiness and peace in our own way. 

When I started writing romance novellas, I was inspired by the older women around me who were living life on their own terms in a society where we are not the odd one out anymore. I was reading lots of romance and women’s fiction and unable to relate to women in their early twenties who were focused on finding the perfect man. That’s why I started with My Singapore Fling where my protagonist is 30+ and ready to enjoy no strings attached sex – something that society seems to think women should not do.

Fast forward to 2020 and every romance novella I’ve written has a 30+ heroine who is in no hurry to find romance and a boyfriend or husband. My heroines are women who are happy, settled and at peace with their single lives and if great sex or romance comes along, hey why not?

In fact, for my next romance book, I am considering writing an even older protagonist because love and romance can come at any age – and they don’t have to culminate into the institution of marriage which is mostly insulted these days with rampant cheating anyway. Actually, love and romance and sex can come if and when a woman wants these things – not when the neighborhood uncles and aunties say so.


Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh is an author based in Kolkata, India. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is busy keeping her cats happy. She tweets at @sudesna_ghosh

You can get her latest romance novella here:

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