Eat Me

Sweltering high noon,

I sit cursing whilst watching 

my blistering lips shiver. 

I watch myself through

societal mirror of vanity. 

Time and time again,

red dot that marks its space 

on my forehead, reminds 

of severely bloodied wound

of every woman lost,

puss-covered hissing hot 

wound that needs repair. 

Society, marriage, family, love – 

all so good and pious. Yet. 

Yet it lies chewing on 

my heart strings

the pain of betrayal.

This sky peels off as 

I stare aghast, feeling 

my mortal soul. Trapped.

Eat me: I dare this cannibal society.

For civilisation ends here,

on these damp sidewalks of 

all brain dead cities; whose 

half-eaten clogged chest 

oozes pain as society respires.

Same race. Yet here I sit

reading advertisements 

tailored to breaking my heart 

and eating my soul.

Humans have turned 

against themselves.

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